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Cor Natura : beyond image processing and visualization, a neural network can conceptually become a deconstructive/reconstructive lens through which natural elements can be examined as dissected learning environments.

Trained with Generative Adversarial Networks on a collection of photographs of various natural elements.

Liquid Heresy is a fractal Art animation with original Sound Design.

The nature of a fractal is so profoundly astonishing that it must be beloved by a supreme being.

Hatching Planetoid

From the series 'Hatching Planetoids': developed based on the concept of the continued existence and expansion of a species or organism with the randomness that accompanies it, and attempting to thread it all together into something cohesive; a planetoid. 

The perpetual hatching of planetary forms into biological microcosms suggests the simultaneity of complex networks , existing on an interstellar scale and also on a local and biological scale. Hatching Planetoids combines the knowledge of the environment and the unperceived self-similarities reproducing to explore new visual forms within this environment.


Pixel Sorting a figure to defragmentation and reemergence into spacetime while the pixel infra-melt between 0 and 1, leaving behind only a distortion of coordinates for what used to be a divine creation. From the Glitchographs Collection: experiments of pixel coordinates reconfigurations, mirroring contemporary digital invasions of humanism.


Visual representations formed with a pre-trained neural network on a collection of nocturnal Strigiformes creatures.

BlueBird Paranatomy

Bluebird Paranatomy explores seemingly paradoxical worlds; exploring specific artificial life forms, using machine learning as the base framework for rearranging reality.

The Bluebirds are generated based on biomimicry and algorithmic autonomy, generating evolving birdlike creatures with para-anatomical descriptions.

We expect AI to revolutionize biology, yet here it is used as one of the tools within the creative process.

This series has been exhibited in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • NFT on Voice
  • Only 1/33 available for 399.00 USDC

Spatiotemporal Unfolding

Spatiotemporal Unfolding is a Fractal Art animation with original Sound Design.
By the Fractalog


Symbiotic is a Fractal Art animation with original Sound Design.
By the Fractalog.


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