Art Vancouver Art Fair

2022 - Vancouver, Canada

Anecoica Digital Art Meeting

2021 - Berlin, Germany

The Natural, The (Un)Cleansed & The Foreign

 2019 - Beirut, Lebanon

Two Good Listeners Make a Piece with Silence

2017 - Maribor, Slovenia


Anecoica Studio

Orvilles Berlin - Platz der Luftbrücke, 4 - Berlin, Germany
October 2021

For one week, artists from every corner of the globe come together in the heart of Berlin to highlight, through their work and artistic research, how the era of incredible technological progress we live in, has created a multitude of interconnections between contemporary art, technology, and science. A series of tales about perception, about what's left for human emotions in this ever-changing digital landscape. An unknown space where sometimes we can all feel a bit lost, but where we can learn to be part of a greater universe filled with infinite possibilities.

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I have participated as the Fractalogist

Hatching Planetoids
av installation
duration: 04:09

An audiovisual installation. It was developed based on the concept of the continued existence and expansion of a species or organism with the randomness that accompanies it, and attempting to thread it all together into something cohesive; a planetoid.

The perpetual hatching of planetary forms into biological microcosms suggests the simultaneity of complex networks , existing on an interstellar scale and also on a local and biological scale.

Hatching Planetoids combines the knowledge of the environment and the unperceived self-similarities reproducing to explore new visual forms within this environment.



Beirut, Lebanon
May 10-26 (extended), 2019

An international group exhibition in cooperation between Slovenian and Lebanese artists, organizations and curators. 

2019's collaboration was based on "The natural, the (un)cleansed and the foreign" - thematizing environmental, political anthropological as well as the psychological or personal perspectives.

The Observable Manifestation of Hearing


Pekarna Magdalenske mreže - GuestRoomMaribor
Maribor, Slovenia

I attempted to show the patterns of nature with vibrating sound frequencies in water, while using light in order to help us visualize the geometries. This is called "Cymatics" and it is the study of visible sound.I did some coding to transmit in realtime tactile and auditory functions into proportional frequencies that show the patterns on a projector screen. Different frequencies create different patterns, but the recipient and amount of water also influences on the shape results. My interactive art installation was part of the 2017 group exhibition "Two good listeners make a piece with a silence", a result of a one month residency in Maribor, Slovenia.

Mentored by Miha Vipotnic.

I have used the physical waves and frequencies phenomena called 'Cymatics' to visualize sound in realtime.

I wrote code that translates ambient sound proportionally to the low frequencies which vibrate a liquid in a recipient

The sound frequencies influencing the particles to rotate in a geometrical dynamic.

Excerpt from an article by Irena Borić:

Zouhair El Helou responds to an idea of making a sound by visually exposing its mechanism.In his installation "The Observable Manifestation of Hearing" - 2017, he makes an interactive work inviting the viewer to press the button and shift the sound which consequently affects the shape of water in a glass. The video mapping the produced sound is on display above the whole installation. Underneath there are two plinths, one carries a press button inviting a viewer to participate, and the other a glass of water on a vibrating speaker. Behind them, the artist exposed a computer and back side of the mechanism which transfers sound.By making all these aspects visible, it appears as a mechanism of a certain conversation. And the fluidity of the water in that sense works well as the shape is constantly shifting.

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