• 8 audiovisual artworks developed to transform nightmares into dreams.
  • A collection with social impact, each NFT has different types of utilities.
  • This collection was developed for the 2nd season of the Voice NFT Residency, dedicated to supporting creators from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Each NFT has its own set of utilities.


  • The Voice community can now connect their accounts to Polygon using their MetaMask wallets. You can send purchased or received NFTs to Polygon in order to offer them on sites such as OpenSea.
  • For more information, please visit Voice's Multichain FAQs.


The primary art market refers to the first sale of an artwork, the secondary market refers to art that has been sold at least once before.

  • A 42% to 66% profit could be made from reselling my artwork on the secondary market.
  • I listed 'Beinux' in January & it sold for 600 $USDC.
  • The collector listed it in February.
  • In May it resells for 1,000 $USDC.
  • 66.6% increase in value.
  • I listed 'Nektonic' in February & it sold for 700 $USDC.
  • The collector listed it in May.
  • In that same month it resells for 999 $USDC.
  • 42.7% increase in value.