Art, Tech & Business • 4 Languages • 7 Countries

2014 Graduation: BA in Visual and Performing Arts


2014 WorkCinematographer, Videographer, Video Editor

 Lebanon / Dubai

2016 Work: Documentary Filmmaking

Dubai / Saudi Arabia / Lebanon

2017 Exhibition: Created an Interactive Art Installation


2018 Graduation: MSc Entrepreneurship - Creative Industries



2019 Work: Business Development Manager & Client Servicing

Saudi Arabia

2020 Learned: Spanish (within 6 months)

[Online] Lebanon

2021 Work: Lecturer & Coordinator at Universidad Manuela Beltrán

[Online] Colombia

[Online] Germany

ETH, SOL, EOS Blockchains

2021 Exhibition: Created audiovisual neural network art


2022 Exhibition: Created neural network art & glitch art




Arabic - اللغة العربية
French - Français
Spanish - Español


Business Project Manager

Anecoica Studio

Berlin, Germany

2021 - 2022

Business Development Manager and Client Servicing

Entertainment Solutions

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2019 - 2020

Business Consultant

Real Time Video

Reading, England - United Kingdom


For a Berlin-based tech start-up I have leveraged my background in Business Management of the Creative Industries to develop the white paper & strategies to steer the direction of the business towards scalability and growth.

For a nonprofit in the UK, I have led a multicultural team as a consultant to a group of trustees regarding the establishment of the organization within the wider area of Reading, the United Kingdom & Europe. Provided funding & marketing analysis, & implemented the adequate marketing strategy & plan. Built suitable business models for different settings to minimize risks.

Audiovisual Production

I have worked with creative teams, gaining +6 years of global experience in translating clients' ideas into state-of-the-art content.

I have handled pre-production to delivery, supervising the output quality on-time for a wide range of Documentary Films, TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Reality Shows, & Short Films.

I have found conceptual & technical solutions for the media production industry, as an Independent Film Director, Cinematographer, Short-Film Producer, with extensive skills in Video Editing & Sound Design.


I have coordinated, given classes and workshops (in Spanish) to a total of 143 students.

Being previously Lecturer and Research Coordinator at the Manuela Beltrán University, I have fostered student research initiatives and acted as a liaison between the students and university research offices.

I have been lecturer for 2 modules and have given 3 workshops.


Documentary Filmmaking
Filmmaking By Areas
Audiovisual Expression


Analysis of Television
Script & Dramatic Structure

NFT Founder Interview
with Zouhair El Helou

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