Zouhair El Helou AKA (the Fractalog) is an Antidisciplinary Artist using installation, sound, photography, digital technologies and video to research the relationship between perception, ideology and technology.

He has been exhibited internationally, his artwork reiterates on the familiar while integrating assumptions about the extraterrestrial.

NEW MEDIA ART: Artificial Intelligence Art, Fractal Art, Glitch Art, Interactive Art Installation.

AUDIOVISUAL: Cinematography, Photography, Video Editing, and Sound Design.


A collection of work done around the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Slovenia.


This video takes a dive into shapes that emerged from a broken old LCD monitor I had laying around.
The footage was shot on iPhone 6s in February 2017.

Liquid Crystals self-organizing.

Complex, unpredictable fractal shapes emerge as liquid crystals flow out from a main course into several branches.

For the last bit: I removed the display's outer polarizing filter, which makes it seem a blank white screen. Fractal patterns are seen by using polarized eyeglasses to view the display (polarized glass will pass light waves in a certain angle).

Project GREY

One minute of sound design representative of my interpretation of the color Grey


Commission artwork